Project Overview

Fun Fact

Big Creek serves the largest service area and largest total flow of treatment facilities in North Fulton County.

The Big Creek Water Reclamation Facility is located at 1030 Marietta Highway, Roswell, in North Fulton County, west of the Chattahoochee River in the Big Creek Basin.

The facility was originally constructed with a treatment capacity of 0.75 MGD (million gallons per day). Several upgrades and expansions have been completed on the facility to its current permitted treatment capacity of 24 MGD.

Due to the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District forecast, which takes the continued population growth and economic development into account, the facility requires additional capacity to meet the growing wastewater treatment demands of the service area.

It will be Fulton County’s largest expansion project to date and likely for several decades.

The expanded plant will be designed to handle 32 MGD using state of the art membrane technology and new odor control systems. The project will also replace aging equipment, remove older and unused facilities and incorporate additional enhancements to improve operational reliability.

The expansion is designed to limit the impact of construction on operations and the surrounding community. For up-to-date information about the project, please see our Project Update section on this website. The Frequently Asked Questions section also answers the most common inquiries. For additional questions, concerns or feedback, please use the Contact Section of this website.


The expansion of the Big Creek Water Reclamation Facility will be conducted in what is called a progressive design-build process, which provides maximum performance insurance and enhanced project risk mitigation. This allows Fulton County to ensure a timely and cost-effective process and more control over the impact, scope and quality. It also allows the County to obtain the facilities it needs and wants, at the right price, while always keeping a strong grip on the development of project details

For details on the project timeline, please see the Project Timeline section of this website.

Public Input

Feedback from the community is an important part of the decision-making process for the expansion project. Fulton County is providing several ways to provide input throughout the process. You can always submit questions and feedback through the Contact section of this website and stay up-to-date on information by subscribing to the Newsletter.

The County will also hold public meetings to gather feedback on the design of the project and provide the community with the latest updates and information. These meetings will be conducted around the 30% and 80% design completion mark as well as the start of construction.

Check out the Project Updates section for information on upcoming meetings. Subscribe to our Newsletter to be notified of upcoming meetings.

New Facility Rendering

The following layouts show the existing facility as well as the new planned improvements to the site.


Limiting community impact is a major priority for the construction phase of the expansion.

To limit this impact, the noise and light sources will be located away from neighbors, noise reduction enclosures will be used for the equipment and lighting control will be used to limit the use of lighting when not needed. 

The construction schedule will also be optimized to reduce overall project duration, Work hours will be managed to meet the requirements of the City of Roswell, and regular traffic will be centralized on the site. All construction traffic to the site will use Highway 120, not Willeo Road. Traffic will not use surrounding neighborhoods to turn around. To minimize hauling traffic in and out of the site, options are being evaluated to re-use existing material onsite as backfill material. Additionally, dust and erosion control measures will be employed to protect surrounding stream and reduce impacts to surrounding communities.

During construction, a 24-hour hotline will be made available for community concerns. For regular construction updates, please subscribe to our Newsletter on this site.

Rendering of Construction Sequence

The following video provides a rendering of the anticipated timeline and sequence of construction of the next facility.