The expanded Big Creek Water Treatment Facility will use state-of-the-art water treatment technology.

Treatment Process

Membrane Bioreactor System Technology

The upgraded and expanded facility will feature a MBR (membrane bioreactor) system – an advanced technology used for treating wastewater.

The system combines biological treatment/nutrient removal with ultrafiltration membranes that filter out particles greater than 0.04 µm (about one millionth of an inch) in diameter.
Different types include hollow fiber and rectangular flat sheets or plates. In each case, they are arranged in cassettes that hold the fibers, sheets, or plates. The cassettes are immersed in the water being treated and water is pulled by vacuum through the membranes (into the interior of the fibers, sheets, or plates), filtering the water.

The multiple cassettes in each basin are cleaned on a near continuous basis by air that scours the membranes.
Flat Plate membrane technology provided by KUBOTA was competitively selected for the Big Creek WRF.

MBR technology is one of the most advanced treatment technologies in wastewater treatment and has successfully been implemented by Fulton County for over a decade.

For more information on how this technology will benefit the community, please see the Benefits section of this website.